Advantages and Disadvantages to the Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you are in the market for a new vacuum, I’m sure you have already considered numerous upright vacuum cleaner brands. The truth is there are some advantages and disadvantages you should know about owning an upright vacuum cleaner, before you go out and buy on. Upright vacuums are the most common style you see out there. They are ergonomically correct and most affordable on anyone’s budget. However, all vacuums are not made or created equally.

A disadvantage to owning an upright vacuum is that they often cannot get the hard to reach places. That is unless of course you purchase a Dyson DC 14, or any kind of Dyson vacuum cleaner. The difference in a Dyson and every other brand is the ball technology that the Dyson operates on. This technology allows the vacuum to maneuver around hard to reach areas like standard vacuums cannot. Other than the Dyson your options are pretty limited on versatility for the Upright vacuum.

A canister vacuum however, does have the ability to get all kinds of hard to reach places. Couches, stairs, behind and under furniture are no longer safe with the long and flexible hose that a canister vacuum has. The only disadvantage to using a canister instead of an upright vacuum cleaner is that it can cause some back discomfort with extended use. An upright vacuum really is the best choice when it comes to vacuuming large areas or if you have to vacuum often.

Other than not being able to get some of the hard to reach spots there isn’t any other disadvantages to owning an upright vacuum, especially if you get a Dyson DC 14. The only other disadvantage I could see someone having with some uprights is that they can often be costly. This can be especially true if are purchasing high quality brands like Dyson. The DC 14 will run you about $300 while other standard vacuums are only $100 or less. However, if you want quality and longevity in a vacuum spending more money is sometimes worth it.

There are pros and cons to every kind of vacuum cleaner so it is important to do your shopping around first. Knowing exactly what a vacuum can or cannot offer you will make the buying decision much easier. When you are reading the description take note in the weight of the vacuum. If you have to carry or move a vacuum a lot you may want to consider a lightweight vacuum for easier mobility. If you have stairs and hard to reach areas also take note of the attachments offered with the vacuum, if any.

Whether you decide on an upright or a canister vacuum cleaner, just make sure it fits within your budget and your needs. Spending money on a vacuum that makes the chore harder is just a waste of money. Dyson, Hoover and Bissell are all great brands to check for you’re an upright, canister or hand held vacuum cleaner.

Source by Chris Frostdk

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