What to Do If Your Vacuum Cleaner Smells Bad

Have you ever noticed while cleaning your household that your vacuum cleaner seems to be emitting bad smells? This scenario can prove to be a nightmare since, by default, your vacuum is meant to keep your house fresh not add to the un-pleasantries! The good news is, with the new technology cordless vacuum, you don’t have to worry about this scenario since they are not smelly. Not to confuse the bad smell emitting with that of a faulty electrical cord; the smell that results from a faulty electrical cord is hot and mechanical, such smells need the presence of a technician as soon as possible as they are a fire hazard waiting to happen.

Having a vacuum emit foul odors may not be an ideal situation, but if faced with it, then you can perform certain tasks to ensure the bad odor is replaced with sweet order. Before looking into ways to keep your vacuum odorless, you need to know what could make the vacuum begin to smell bad. Basic causes are fibers or debris that manage to clog the works, this could be as a result of a full bag, debris in the filter or hose. To avoid a smelly vacuum altogether, it is recommended to keep the insides clean at all times.

Things to do when faced with a smelly vacuum cleaner:

Look into the bag or canister

First of all you need to unplug the vacuum to avoid getting hurt, and then you need to inspect the vacuum bag. If you find that it is full, then you need to empty it. On the other hand, if your vacuum is a bag-less model, then you need to empty the canister and have the filters cleaned in soapy water. Remember to wait for the filters to completely dry before reassembling the machine!

Clean the vacuum cleaner Hose

When the problem is a result of the hose, in most cases, you will actually smell the hose. When faced with such a scenario, you could clean the hose by pulling a flue brush through it

Introduce scent to the vacuum

This can be done by sprinkling vanilla or orange extract onto a paper towel, then proceeding to tear up the towel and have it vacuumed. Alternatively, you could sprinkle ground cinnamon directly onto the floor before vacuuming assuming of course there is no internal problem.

Look for blockages

A vacuum with blockages is prone to emitting bad smell since air flow is restricted.

Expose the vacuum bag and filter to fresh air in order to eliminate foul smell. However, in the event that this doesn’t work, then you might need looking into replacing the filters, washing the bag or trying a differ brand of bags.

Avoid Damp Dirt

Have the filters replaced

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