Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner – Cleaning Power Worth a Pot of Gold

The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is unlike any other vacuum cleaner on the market. The Rainbow vacuum cleaner uses the power of water to trap the dust from reentering your home.

In the history of the vacuum cleaner there was first the vacuum that used a cloth bag to trap all the dust and debris. Some of the better ones made claims of trapping particles as small as .3 microns. This is good but then as time developed and companies looked to save money and increase revenue the paper bag was developed. This was advertised as convenience since instead of having to clean the bag; all the operator had to do was through the bag away and replace it with a new clean one.

In more recent years with the big push to reduce the amount of waste deposited in landfills vacuum companies came out with a bagless system. These systems did remove the bag but the operator was back to having to clean the different traps again.

Then came the creators of the Rainbow vacuum cleaning systems. The theory is simple. Dust cannot fly around and redeposit in your home if it is trapped by water. The air that travels through the rainbow system is filtered with a HEPA Neutralization Filtration System before exiting. The efficiency of this system can be seen as the operator uses the vacuum by observing the water in the reservoir become darker and darker.

Once the operator is finished with the cleaning the reservoir is taken out and dumped. Then before the next use the reservoir is replaced and the system is ready to go.

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner uses a water filter to keep your home as clean as possible.

Source by Mark X. Simpson

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