4 Tips Maintain Your Kenmore Progressive 35922 Or 35923 Vacuum Cleaner

For owners of the Kenmore Progressive Upight model 35922 or 35923, perhaps you were sold on all of the great benefits of the vacuum but told very little on what to do in order to keep your vacuum running in top shape,

We happened to use this vacuum in a very dirty commercial cleaning job, and it died on us because nobody was maintaining it properly.

Luckily, this vacuum requires only a few things to maintain its life. Here are 4 tips you need to know in order to maintain your vacuum.

Tip #1: Bags. The biggest issue for this vacuum is to make sure to change your bag when it starts to get full. In this vacuum, that means when the bag gets about 3/4 full, it is time to change the bag. When you replace the bag with a new one, you have (2) choices. A regular 2 ply filter bag, and a cloth HEPA bag.

The difference is between the two bags is that the HEPA bag will filter very small particles better and allow the vacuum to breathe easier, since it is made of cotton. The paper bag does a good job of filtering dust and dirt, trapping most particles. However, some fine dust can escape from the paper bag and this can make your vacuum dirty.

If you open the front of the vacuum and see a lot of dust on the inside compartment, you should either change the bag or check for a tear in the bag. Sometimes, you can get a tear in the bag where the bag is connected to the dust collection hose.

Tip #2: Filters. The Kenmore Progressive has (2) filters. One is on the back which is an exhaust filter and looks like a square pleated filter, the other is a pre-filter for the vacuum motor.

The exhaust filters the air that is pulled into the vacuum. You see, a vacuum motor pulls air in, expanding the bag, while the exhaust air is vented out to create suction. The exhaust filter (EF-1) is just like an air filter on your car. it traps the partilces going out. It is a HEPA filter, and you can easily see if you need to change this filter by looking to see how dirty it looks. You should check this filter at least once per month.

The other filter on this vacuum is the pre-filter. This is an important filter that gets overlooked, it filters the air to reduce the chance of particles going into the vacuum motor. This filter is in the bag compartment below the bag. It is a 2 ply filter that should be checked once per month as well. If this filter is not kept clean, it restricts the suction power of the vacuum motor, reducing your cleaning power. If you get a rip in the bag, this filter will clog quickly. If it is not cleaned, dirt particles can get into the motor and kill your Kenmore!

Tip #3: Brush roll care. Check the brush roll on the bottom of the vacuum for any string, hair or carpet fiber that can wrap around the brush roll and restrict the motor inside, causing it to burn out or trip the reset button. Since this vacuum does not have belts that you can replace, this is an important maintenance tip. You can remove this stuff by taking a knife or scissors and cutting the obstructions and pulling them out.

Tip #4: Cleaning. Keep the inside of the bag compartment clean, by wiping it with a cloth and mild cleaning product. Also, clean the inside area of the exhaust filter of fine dust. You can also clean the outside of the vacuum clean in the same way. A tip to reduce static cling of dust is to apply a protector such as Armor All or Son of a Gun. Not only will your Kenmore stay clean longer, but you will have the most shiny vacuum in your neighborhood.

By following these tips, your Kenmore 35922 or 35923 will stay in top shape, running great for many years to come.

Source by John Mctighe

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