An Objective Review of the Kenmore Progressive 35922 Vacuum Cleaner

With over 15 years of experience in the cleaning business, I have had the opportunity to test out many makes and models of vacuums.  There has been a lot written about the Kenmore Progressive Upright Bagged Vacuum.  Model #35922.  It also is available as Model #35923, which is the same vacuum, just a 5 foot longer cord. 

So, what makes this vacuum so special was the question on my mind, and after using the vacuum, my objective opinion is the Progressive is just a good overall vacuum.  It has easy to use features and is a BAGGED vacuum.  If you are a BAGLESS lover, Kenmore makes a bagless version of the same vacuum as well, however, from what I have witnessed, the bagged version has slightly more power.

First, the PRO’s-

1. Excellent power.  The Kenmore Progessive is very powerful, it has a 12 amp motor that produces excellent suction for very tough cleaning jobs including picking up pet hair.  In our experience we used this on a trashed apartment and it picked up everything without a problem.

2. No Belt. The drive system on this vacuum has no belt, it is driven by a motor which spins the brush on the bottom of the vacuum.  This eliminates the need for changing belts.  The lack of belt is nice if there is an obstruction like a paperclip or sock, the vacuum with automatically turn off.  A reset button is on the front of the vacuum so all you have to doo is clear the obstruction, reset the button and you are ready to vacuum again. 

3. Pushbutton controls- I added this to both pro’s and con’s.  Although the pushbutton controls make it easy to switch between carpet and bare floor, as well as letting you adjust the suction control, they can have a tendency to stick and wear out. We noticed this after about 9 months of use, but after service, we have not had any problems. 

4. Long reach hose- Over 15 feet of on board hose makes this vacuum easy to use for dusting, floor cleaning and crevices in upholstery without tipping the vacuum over during use. We were able to add a few extensions and dust the ledges of a very high mantle without problem, or the use of a ladder.

5. Brushroll control- With a direct drive system, the brushroll can be turned on or off during use, or adjusted for hardfloor vacuuming.  The brushroll can be turned on, off or at low speed when working on bare floor or area rugs. Probably one of the best vacuums we have used on bare floor.

6. On-board tools- A full set of onboard tools is included with the vacuum including an extension wand, dusting brush, turbo tool for pet hair, crevice tool and floor vacuuming tool.

7. Price- We bought ours for around $250.00, which is much lover than other residential vacuums of this quality.

8. Stays clean- With a HEPA bag and filter that you can change very easily, the Kenmore stays very clean and does get full of dust inside the vacuum bag area.

Second, the CON’s

1. Weight.  With the additional weight of the direct drive system, the Kenmore Progressive Upright is one of the heavier uprights at around 14 pounds.  If you require a lighter vacuum, this is not it.

2. Pushbutton controls– As I mentioned before, these buttons could wear out or need service over time.

3. No metal on the bottom.  The plastic bottom is standard on most residential vacuums, including this one.  We wished this one would be the exception with a metal bottom.

5. Edge cleaning. Due to the direct drive system, edge cleaning is more difficult since you cannot get right up to corners or edges easily.

Overall, a very good, solid vacuum. In our personal experience, we used this vacuum daily without any problem, the weight was noticeable, but not so much that it hindered performance or our ability to use the vacuum.  The bag is easy to change and priced fairly compared to other vacuums.  We have only changed the HEPA filter once in over 12 months of use. 

So, do we recommend this vacuum, the answer is yes, in many cases.  If you have a great deal of carpet, this vacuum is a good choice.  If you have a small apartment, you might want to look at a different vacuum. Also, if you have pets, this vacuum is the way to go.  If you are a senior citizen with health issues, you might struggle with the weight, otherwise, the Kenmore Progressive Upright is a good choice for most home vacuuming needs.

Source by Mike George

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