Information About The NSS Model M1 Pig Vacuum Cleaner

A normal vacuum cleaner is used to agitate carpet and suck up small amounts of debris and dust. NSS has gone above and beyond this traditional method with the M1 Pig vacuum cleaner. The M1 Pig’s name is derived from the fact that it can suck up almost anything. Unique in design the M1 and can not only suck up traditional debris like most other vacuums but goes further with the ability to suck up any object that can fit through the hose. The M1’s unique design is based around a large cast impeller shaft that is impervious to most object. This unit is used heavily in construction cleanup where traditional wet dry vacuums fail. With the ability to chew through metals and grind up wood the M1 is unsurpassed for durability and efficiency.

With most vacuums debris is sucked up through a hose and into a filter bag. Objects that enter the inner vacuum chamber are ground up by a large metal fan and then distributed into a cloth bag. Most traditional vacuums use a motor that is measured in amps, the M1 motor is rated at 1.5 hp and is larger than most other vacuum cleaners. Its design is simple and uses extreme components that do not break down over time. The M1 has incredible suction with a total water lift of over 146 inches. This means that water can be lifted through a 2 inch tube to over 12 feet with its incredible suction.

Operation of the model M1 vacuum is extremely simple with just one on off switch that controls all systems. Large rear wheels and front casters make the machine easy to move around from area to area. Its outer cast aluminum housing is manufactured for durability and will stand up to extreme punishment. Replacement parts on this vacuum cleaner include the internal fan and outer cloth bag that collects debris. The NSS M1 vacuum cleaner is meant to be repaired when components breakdown. The unit was first introduced over 20 years ago and models have not changed in a design since its conception. This makes finding NSS parts for the unit relatively easy. To rebuild the entire vacuum costs under $300 and can be rebuilt in less than three hours by a certified NSS technician.

The best feature of this vacuum is the multitude of tools and toolkits that can be purchased for it. Toolkits for this unit are manufactured for every industry and it can be customized to fit the user’s needs inexpensively. Some of the toolkits for this unit include a basic dry kit, high up cleaning kit, chapel cleaning kit, and carpet cleaning kit. NSS also manufactures over 15 different tools that can be used with this vacuum. Because of its versatility and suction it is an invaluable tool for any commercial cleaner or contractor.

Overall there is no other vacuum sold in the United States quite like it. The model M1 is priced at just under $1500 with toolkit. Some of the original vacuums that were manufactured over 20 years ago are still in operation which is an enduring testament to this machine’s durability. Most NSS parts are manufactured in Germany but the machines themselves are assembled in the United States by union auto workers.

Source by L. D. Harris

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